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Board & Committee's

The effort to bring transparency and change to Deerfield was started by a few, but the wave of support continues to grow with many new property owners supporting the cause.

If/when we are fortunate enough to form a proper Property Owners Association, bylaws will be created and a Board will be formed to take over operational control of Deerfield Resort and the new POA. 

Until that happens, below are the collective members of the Volunteer Committee, your neighbors, who, along with all of our donors, have been instrumental in this effort (name and the years they have lived in Deerfield):

Loel Crawford (32 years)
Steve Dehler (18 years) 
Bob & Maryann Hilty (28 Years)

Suzanne Hodgers (14 years)

Fran Painter (34 years)
Tom & Merrilee Peck (21 years)    
Georgia Sergent (26 years)

Mark & Carissa Thompson (3 years)

Doug Hoover (17 years)

Maryanne Rykulski (13 years)
Dan Valle (13 years)
Steve Wentzel (17 years) 
Greg & Barb Whitehead (28 yrs) 


Dan Valle
Georgia Sergent

Legal / Finance Committee

Georgia Sergent
Bob Hilty
Fran Painter
Loel Crawford

Communications Committee

Tom Peck
Doug Hoover
Steve Wentzel
Liz Burton
Maryanne Rykulski

Condos & Airport

Loel Crawford
Steve Wentzel