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Season’s Greetings

December 20, 2023


We hope that you take time to enjoy the season and spend time with your loved ones to share the joy that this time of year brings.  May 2024 be filled with happiness and opportunities to make new memories at Norris Lake.







The meeting with representatives for the Plaintiffs, the Defendants, their respective attorneys, and the court-appointed Receiver occurred on December 15th.  The discussion involved various topics relating to the formation of the HOA and election of Board of Directors, as well as the assessment, collection, and management of the 2024 fees. This is all part of a process that will likely require additional meetings to move the transition forward.


In addition, last week we learned Judge Boniface requested some clarifications to the Mediation Agreement.  She is working with counsel for the Plaintiffs and Defendants to further clarify a section of the document before signing the Order approving the Agreement. We are hopeful the Order will be signed by year’s end. We will share the news as soon as we receive confirmation of her signature. 

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