The Deerfield Resort PropertyOwners Group
in Support of 
the Deerfield Resort HOA, INC.

The Deerfield Resort Homeowners Association  
was established by
 Paul Fields in 1986.

All Deerfield Resort property owners became a member of the Deerfield Homeowners Association upon purchase.
The original 1986 Deerfield Restrictions have been amended by the Fields four times.
In 2018 the Fields filed an amendment giving themselves TOTAL control of Deerfield Resort.
This Amendment removed all decision making from the property owners.


Our Vision

To create and maintain a fully functioning, transparent, and   accountable PROPERTY OWNER  run Homeowners Association. A Homeowners Association that fairly and consistently ensures the collective rights and interests of homeowners are represented,  respected,  and safeguarded.

Our Focus

- To preserve and enhance the quality of life and property values in Deerfield Resort. 

- To return to the original "Deerfield Resort Property and Building Restrictions" created by Paul Fields in 1986 then having Property Owners vote on proposed changes or amendments. 

- To have security and maintenance solutions that promote a strong, safe and secure community. 

- To develop and manage capital improvements to common areas that benefit the community.