Deerfield Resort

Property Owners Association

(pending approval)

Did You Know?
 You are already a member of the Deerfield Resort HOA, Inc.

According to the Articles of Incorporation by Paul Fields in 1985,
and the 2018 Amendment filed in Campbell County
ou became a member when you purchased in Deerfield.


Revised: May 29, 2021
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Our Vision

To preserve Deerfield Resort and our community maintaining security and property values now and into the future. 

Our Focus

- To preserve and enhance the quality of life and property values in Deerfield Resort. 

- To reinstate the original "Deerfield Resort Property and Building Restrictions" created by Paul Fields in 1986 and following. those regulations with Property Owners voting on proposed changes or amendments.

- To have security and maintenance solutions that promote a strong, safe and secure community. 

- To develop and manage capital improvements to common areas that benefit the community.