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Deerfield Condo & Villa Information

Deerlake Condos; Building A; Building B; Building C; Building D; Skyline Knoll

Future Construction: Building N; Building O

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Condo Master Deed 2001

PARC Properties Application for Commercial Dock with 288 slips (240 additional) at the Villas

January 2020  *Public access on Private roads


Woodson Application to install a Commercial Dock with 52 slips in Deerfield Cove January 2020

*Public access on Private roads


Developer Amends Master Deed July 2020

*The "17th" amendment to the Deerfield Condo Owner's Association Master Deed, minor changes were made, without any property owner voting or being notified of the changes (even though the by-laws state 75% approval is required to amend).  One of these changes:  "The Developer Control period extends until the Developer turns control of the Homeowner's Association and the Common Areas over to the Unit Owners to be self-managed" appears to be a violation of state law in that a developer cannot have indefinite control.

Deerfield Condo Assn Bylaws Amendment 11.2020

Home/Villa/Condo 2022 Invoice

Villa Fire Pics April 2023

Lien filed against Parc Properties and LeJeune Homes October 2022

       *Important if you own a Villa this lien is on the land your Villa sits upon

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