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Deerfield Resort
Water System

Deerfield Water Systems Found Non-Compliant & Sanctioned by the State

             Property Owners Were Not Notified Until Ordered by the State 

In 4.2019, The state of TN's Dept. of Environmental and Conservation Division of Water Resources sent a "Directors Order and Assessment of Civil Penalty" letter to Madeline Fields of "Deerfield Resort Homeowners Association, Inc." who "owns, operates and/or controls a community public water system...".

Later that year in a letter distributed to the community on 10.25.2019, Scott Fields of "Deerfield Resort Water System" shared a 2018 report that shows poor water quality metrics.  In the "What is being done?" section, it states "Deerfield Resort Water System has enlisted the assistance of Communities Unlimited to help us get back on track with all the required testing, and to get our records in order...".

The Developers received the Director's Order and Assessment in 2019. A letter was sent to homeowners as required by the State.

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